Cycling clothing – winter riding.

Cycling clothing – winter riding. Now that the dark nights and cold weather is here cycling clothing is more important than ever. The horrible weather and dark nights, however, shouldn’t stop us from getting out on our bikes. So how do we prepare for this weather? Well, its quite simple we get the correct cycling clothing.Read more

Cycling jacket, we all need them.

Cycling jacket, we all need them. A cycling jacket is vital to every keen cyclist. Getting out in the winter is hard at the best of times however when it is raining it almost makes it impossible to get out. Cyclists are a strange breed and still feel the need to get out on theRead more

Cycling jackets, when it rains.

Cycling jackets, when it rains. When it rains cycling jackets come into their own. In the Uk, during the winter it is quite often raining. Here at Pandion Cycling this isn’t something we believe that should stop you from riding. As Sean Yates once said, there is no such thing as bad weather, just badRead more

Long sleeve cycling jersey. How to

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How to choose the best Long sleeve cycling jersey. Selecting the perfect and correct long sleeve cycling jersey is very important. If the long sleeve cycling jersey is too thin then you will simply be too cold, if it is too thick then you run the risk of being too hot and you will findRead more

Cycling jersey

Cycling jersey Cycling jersey is somewhat important when it comes to cycling. Going out without a cycling jersey could mean that you are either arrested or find yourself getting many funny looks. They are also important for many other reasons than just this. They can be a lifeline when it comes to weather and howRead more

Long sleeve cycling jerseys

Long sleeve cycling jerseys. From a large range of long sleeve cycling jerseys, it can often be hard to find the one you want/needs. How thick and thin it is can determine when it can be worn. You might think that this is obvious and I guess it is. When getting ready to head outRead more

POC Cycling clothing

POC Cycling clothing. POC cycling is new to Pandion Cycling, however, the brand of POC has been around for many years now. POC keep bringing out new and improved cycling clothing and we have it all on offer here at Pandion cycling. As you might know here at Pandion Cycling we are all about theRead more

Cycling jerseys.

Cycling jerseys. As the weather is starting to change so is our clothing that we wear out on the bike. Cycling jerseys are one of the things that change regularly depending on the temperature or conditions. Cycling jerseys are a vital part of every cyclist’s wardrobe and they keep developing to change and help usRead more

POC-behind the brand.

POC – behind the brand. POC is a Swedish company who have a mission is to help create a better experience for all athletes in the cycling industry. POC started in 2005 and started in the skiing and snowboarding world. In 2014 POC launched their cycling range, and it’s fair to say that they tookRead more

Lusso: Riding with Lusso.

Riding with Lusso. Over the weekend we sent a couple of our employee’s including James out on a ride. James loves to ride and is part of our testing team here at Pandion Cycling. This in mind we gave him the Lusso Pro-Gel bib shorts and the Lusso Giro rain jacket. As you might know,Read more

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